About Hawaii Green Bikes

Tired of being stuck indoors? Want to enjoy fresh air and sunshine and the joy of motoring around on a beautiful day? What’s stopping you?  High fuel prices? Health problems that limit your mobility? Whatever it is Hawaii Green Bikes has the answer. 

Hawaii Green Bikes will let you ride to your heart’s content without busting your budget paying for the gas to run your car or motorcycle. You will be able to ride over hills and follow trails, all the while enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of being outdoors instead of being confined in your living room. Featuring a small motor on a sturdy mountain or cruiser bike frame, Hawaii Green Bikes will let you cruise at a speed of 25 miles per hour with a range of 75 miles on a 1/2 gallon tank of gas.

Hawaii Green Bikes is owned and operated by someone just like you. Health problems were robbing him of the opportunity to enjoy Hawaii’s beautiful weather and countryside. That is until he built his first Hawaii Green Bike. Now he can go wherever he wants, whenever he wants and has lost over 50 pounds doing so, all the result of his more active lifestyle. 

Hawaii Green Bikes is also better for the environment with its greater fuel milage and smaller carbon footprint. It is not one of those gas guzzling super motorcycles you see speeding down the highway spewing exhaust. Instead a Hawaii Green Bike is specifically designed to let you ride in an environmentally friendly speed, just fast enough to let you truly enjoy the countryside you are riding around in. 

About Our Product

Hawaii Green Bikes is a homegrown company born out of a need by the owner. A need that is shared by a lot of people who want to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes need just a little assistance. Most importantly they need to find an affordable alternative to an ever increasing high cost of fuel.     

-150 miles per gallon

 - Top end speed of 35 miles per hour

 - No license or insurance needed

-Models starting at around $575

 - What are you waiting for?


At Hawaii Green Bikes we are not only concerned with saving fuel, we also recycle old car and bike tires to use as custom motor mounts on the bike frames.


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